Long as I can see the light (sea storm)- acrylic painting

sea storm
Sea storm 30×40 cm

There are times when the ocean is not the ocean – not blue, not even water, but some violent explosion of energy and danger: ferocity on a scale only gods can summon. It hurls itself at the island, sending spray right over the top of the lighthouse, biting pieces off the cliff. And the sound is a roaring of a beast whose anger knows no limits. Those are the nights the light is needed most.  -M. L. Stedman, The Light Between Oceans

   Music theme: Long as I Can See the Light – Creedence Clearwater Revival

This is the third of six canvases in „Natural phenomena” paintings series (Volcano eruption, Sea storm, Meteor impact, Blue moon, Aurora borealis, Solar eclipse).

Someone born by the sea told me a beautiful Croatian word for sea storm: “nevera” .

These days I feel like that inside of me… But as the title say, I will find my way long as I can see the light.

Making this painting was intuitive. I didn’t use any tricks, just let the brush dance. First, I’ve painted the sky, blending  colours to achieve dark stormy  mood. To paint the waves I’ve used flat wide brush generously soaked in paint and with soft continuous moves I’ve let the water flow. Then tapped with top of the brush to create the foam. With the pallet knife I added the rock.

When dry, I’ve painted the lighthouse, added clouds and moon and braking waves forming the sea foam on  the rock. Just a touch of yellow light and that was that.