Phoenix – acrylic painting

Phoenix, 30×30 cm

Listen, are we helpless? Are we doomed to do it again and again and again? Have we no choice but to play the Phoenix in an unending sequence of rise and fall?
– Walter M. Miller

Music theme: Phoenix – The Cult

I’ve painted this piece using plastic foil, as in  Dragon series paintings.

I love the texture and play of the light as it moves across the painting.

So, first I squeezed paint directly onto canvas (black and gold). Than pressed down  and lifted plastic foil several times, untill I got desired surface. Than I painted silhouette following the contours of surface.

When choosing the colours, I thought of fire and flames burning from deep red, bright red, orange, yellow to blue – so I’ve used that palette to paint the Phoenix. I finished it with touches of gold.



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