Earth dragon-acrylic painting

Earth dragon
Earth dragon

Silent is the ruined land.
Man is brutal
and the rain does not wash away
the pain
or rid the distant memory.

It makes it glisten

– Cecil Castellucci, Boy Proof

Music theme: Earth Song – Michael Jackson

This is one of dragon series painting and one of 4 elements dragons (along with Water dragon, Fire dragon and Air dragon).

4 elements

This painting was made by using my, well I might say, standard technique. Randomly squeezing paint directly onto canvas, than putting some plastic foil on top of that and smearing it until I feel it is perfect.

After lifting the foil, textured surface is reveiled. I let my imagination and intuition lead the way. I often see and feel picture painting itself and all kind of images emerge.

Rotating this canvas, suddenly I saw my dragon!

Can you see it?

.. And now?

Different light angle:


10 thoughts on “Earth dragon-acrylic painting

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  5. I love this! It looks like such a fun technique, and the painting is awesome! How did you finish it off once you found the shape of the dragon, was that just painting like normal? Also, I have never tried painting with such a thick layer of paint, do you ever have problems with the paint cracking and breaking off?


    1. Thank you! Yes, it is very fun and every painting is unique, you never know what will come out.
      I paint as usual once the textured background is dry. I leave it for one day or overnight to dry, because the layer is thick. Because of acrylic consistency, it stays on canvas, I never experienced any damage. Of course the canvas is primed with gesso.

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