Painted cabinet


Video of finished cabinet

The moment I saw this old cabinet I knew this wold be my new project.  Its octagonal shape reminded me of Moorish architecture; hot nights in Morocco or Andalusia. I decided to paint it in bright colours with stylised oriental ornaments.

This is the cabinet before:

I followed the curves and lines of the cabinet and painted it with blocks of colors. Masking tape was used to make lines. Paint wasn’t applied very neatly, becuse I wanted to show that it was handpainted. It also looks a bit shabby, like it is the old piece of furniture.

When the background was completely dry, I used the template to make the ornaments. I made template by printing the ornament on the transparent foil and cutting it with scissors. I’ve traced the tamplate with the pencil to the cabinet, and paited with the acrylic paint and brush.

When dry, I used 2 coats of mat finish. This is final result:



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