My Body, Heart and Soul (I gave you) – acrylic painting

My body, heart and soul (I gave you), 24×30 cm
As a body everyone is single, as a soul never.
-Hermann Hesse

I believe that we all seek that True love.  Unity of body, heart and soul – interwoven and in harmony. Often this is lifelong search, often this is never found. But sometimes you find it. And that does not mean that the pain or yearning is over. It is never easy to love. But it is worth all the troubles, because the love is truly yours – not the other person’s. You feel it, you have it, you live it.

This is somewhat small painting, but I did put all my energy and emotions in this piece and I for me is strong, I almost feel that my soul glows on it. I’ve painted it in a difficult and highly emotional state of mind.

Symbolism is rather obvious: blood for Body, heart for Heart and glowing light for the Soul. Frame of old gold, symbolises the patina on the heart, from past injuries and aces.

The background is dark teal, because it contrasts red and gold. I made faux-frame with the palette knife, pressing it along the edges to leave the texture. When the painting was finished, I made dripping blood with the glue gun and painted it.






7 thoughts on “My Body, Heart and Soul (I gave you) – acrylic painting

  1. dawnmarie

    From what I have seen of your art, this one looks different. It is less textured, but it seems more textured? I wonder if it is because there are all kinds of different textures with the outside, the blood drips and the less textured heart and hands? Or are the heart and hands textured like the outside and I am just not seeing it? Something is different. Very expressive.


  2. annamechelle88

    All of your artwork is inspiring and beautiful, but I was captivated by this right away. It is visually stunning! The textures and the color choices certainly express an emotional impact. I love the details of the heart because, though the heart is very symbolic, the attention to anatomical details implies a more realistic emotional state (rather than a sweet symbolic “safe” heart).
    I am in awe, really. I rarely see a painting that matches my own artistic sensibilities, and captures my attention and my own heart so quickly. Gorgeous work!

    Liked by 1 person

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