Air dragon – acrylic paintng

Air dragon

The pleasant air and wind,

with sacred thoughts

do feed my serious mind.

–  Rowland Watkyns, The Poet’s Soliloquy

Music theme: The Air That I Breathe – The Hollies

This is last one of dragon series painting and one of 4 elements dragons (along with Water dragon, Earth dragon and Fire dragon).

I was thinking of the air.. how to paint something that couldn’t be seen?
But then, I can feel it. I can feel the air, the breeze, the wind. I can feel in colors. To me the air is blue and white, and sometimes black, sometimes with gold and silver and pearl.

So I’ve chosen light blue, white and black paint and put it on canvas, applied plastic foil several times and there was the air.

Ever wander how do dragon’s eyes look? Here they are in the plate 😉

(I use dried paint from the paint tube top).


When I lifted the foil, I looked at the unfinished picture to find my dragon. So he finally came flying from above.

I’ve painted thick layers of white and gold paint as feathers, added dreid paint eye and the Air dragon was finished.

Below in the different light angle and details.


7 thoughts on “Air dragon – acrylic paintng

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