Volcano eruption – acrylic painting

Volcano eruption
Volcano eruption, 30×40 cm

That woman is a volcano on the point of eruption, with a libido of igneous magma yet the heart of an angel– Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Music theme: Fire Woman – The Cult

This is the second of six canvases in „Natural phenomena” paintings series (Volcano eruption, Sea storm, Meteor impact, Blue moon, Aurora borealis, Solar eclipse).

My vision was to create strong image which evokes feeling of power and chaos. So I instantly thought of “dirty thunderstorm” and lava bursting to the air.  Oh, and  LOVE to paint fire and flames :).

First step was to prepare the canvas. I covered it with black paint. Then, For the main magma flow, I squeezed paint onto canvas, put plastic foil on it and lift it, several times until I was happy with the result. Then I pressed the foil with traces of paint onto the canvas on sporadically to create magma bursts.

With the pallet knife I applied the paint to create the rock than scraped off the paint from most underpaint peaky spots for volcanic veins.

I’ve painted the fumes with the dry brush with very little paint on it. When dry, all it’s left is thunder – bold strikes of paint smeared when almost dry.

Few touches more, and my painting is finished.



8 thoughts on “Volcano eruption – acrylic painting

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