Univers strikes (meteor impact) – acrylic painting

Meteor impact
Univers strikes (Meteor impact), 30×40 cm

An asteroid impact would be a natural disaster on a scale that is hard to imagine. Unlike catastrophic volcanic eruptions or earthquakes, an asteroid impact is preventable. Humankind’s first step is finding the devil’s in the dark. Let’s get going.  –Bill Nye

Music theme: Asteroid – Kyuss


This is the fifth of six canvases in „Natural phenomena” paintings series (Volcano eruption, Sea storm, Meteor impact, Blue moon, Aurora borealis, Solar eclipse).

I had very clear vision about this painting. I imagined it with warm and bright colours, with bold, thick and somewhat messy brush strokes in the front plane. Background supposed to be cooler, more subtle and a bit hazy as to emphasize the strength and atrocity of the meteor impact.

Technically, this was simple. Black under paint, blue Earth and with the semi-dry brush and small amount of paint I’ve painted the nebulae and space. With wet brush and white paint I made splashes as stars. When dry, several thick layers of paint made fire, flames and sparks. Finally, when this was dry,  I added rock with palette knife.




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