City at night – acrylic painting

Night city lights

By night the skyscraper looms in the smoke and the stars and has a soul

– Carl Sandburg

Music theme: Night Calls – Joe Cocker

This painting was (sort of) commissioned. It was made for my nieces. The older one is going to architecture school so she loves all kind of buildings, but the bridges she adores.So I knew there had to be the bridge. And a few buildings around it :).

I’ve started by preparing the canvas by covering it with black paint. While still wet I painted in neon paints- orange, green and yellow, as city lights in the sky.

When dry, I’ve painted black buildings silhouettes against glowing sky. With touches of paint and thin brush I’ve added details like windows, lights and neon signs to create night cityscape. Pulling down the paint with wider flat brush made an illusion of lights reflecting in the water.

My painting was finished, and it shows my vision of city at night. Although, I’m not sure that the buildings are technically correct from the architectural point of view :).

This is finished painting and details:


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