Circles, acrylic paintings

Circles in red and green Circles in red and blue

Those two were made using some construction work leftovers. That goes well with my repurpose-recycle philosophy, I guess.  I always save old or even broken things (to my close ones despair) and have quite a collection of  it.  But, sometimes I find something at my family members houses that trigger my imagination and creativity. This time in my parents shed I found pieces of plywood that used to be cabinet shelves. So, you could say that  piling up runs in the family ;).

For this two pieces I used: old shelves, spackling paste (yes, yes for walls), various palette knives and  household objects. I also used small glass beads.

IMAG1564IMAG1566After applying spackling paste, I made imprints and texture with my “tools”. I left it to dry completely, about 24 hours, then applied first layer of acrylic paint.

IMAG1567IMAG1568After several layers of paint and finishing touch, my work was complete:IMAG1592

Below are pictures of paintings at different light angle and with details of texture.

Circles in red, green and gold

1 1-1 2345

Circles in blue, red and silver

6 6-1

9 7 108


2 thoughts on “Circles, acrylic paintings

  1. I adore what you did with the spacking paste for walls. It gave it such brilliant texture. And the way you layered the colour added to the intense universe of this art. Belongs in the set design of my favourite sci-fi films.


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