Under the sea

Remember my stash of seashells from previous post? Last few days I’ve been playful and feeling creative so I’ve created  few things with those shells. One of those pieces was an acrylic painting. Being a big fan of texture in acrylic paintings and  huge admirer of mixed media, I was experimenting with acrylic media, gels and few other things to create various effects.

I thought, well I already have seashells, so it’s fair to put them in their natural habitat: sea bottom. The end result was that:


The main idea was to get the sandy feeling of the sea bottom. I’m fairly satisfied how that came out.

Here is a detail of the painting, section with the sand:


I’ve added coarse texture gel, but  it wasn’t “sandy” enough so I’ve added real fine sand to the wet paint and I was satisfied with the result. Water is made with paint washes. Finely some hot glue action and the painting is done.

Here are phases of making the painting:

3 4 5 6 7   30 x 40 cm


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